Monday, December 03, 2007

One of the better and worse weekends of my life

This week I had to go to Bombay (I prefer Bombay to Mumbai) as I had a few unfinished businesses to complete. It was an eventful week with the SAM and watching Dwight swing to Indian tunes while I held my glass of "Teacher's". It was one of those good times. I wanted to attend Sripathy's farewell party and get sloshed out again. My wife likes me when I am drunk coz I am a bit sober and funnier then.

Anyways making the long story short, I took a Metrolink bus to Bombay at 7 am (with the Mrs). Having just cozied myself, I saw this huge blob infront of me. It was Srips and his two henchmen, Vasanth and Devesh, who were carrying Srips 4 bags. I thought of it as an Act of Faith by the Almighty and all of us traveled happily to Bombay. Srips promised to meet us for dinner at a place called Spice Tree in Bandra on Hill Road.

Natasha and I went to Chembur to finalise our wedding reception album and DVD. Natasha wanted to buy a pair of earrings for her friends in Japan. But because of some unfortunate talks we didn't buy those. Came back and slept like a log till 8:30 pm.

Srips called up asking when would we be meeting him. We decided to meet up at 10 pm at SpiceTree. But FATE had a different plan for us. By the time we reached Bandra Srips managed to reach Lucky's (another famous restaurant of Bandra). We went together to Spicetree.

Spice Tree is a wonderful restaurant. It looked very similar to Angelo Mio restaurant that I had been to at Santa Clara with Dilnaz and Joe albeit the expensive chandelier and glass cutlery. There were a mix of hip youngsters and goras. We settled into a table at a corner of the restaurant. Srips, me and Natasha had a wonderful time over there. Me and Sripathy had 3 Cobras each and Natasha had her first taste of a Screwdriver. This was accompanied by different starters.

I was drunk that day and did some crazy things. I asked Sripathy to take a snap of us while I hugged Natasha tight.

After that we headed to Naturals across the street but Srips pushed off to do some more "important" work. We had strawberry ice cream and coffee walnut ice cream. I had to take a leak and went to Cafe Mocha. I saw this guy there.

Razak Khan

After this we took a rick, picked up Srips from his friend Abhijeet's house and headed to Bandstand where we had a nice long walk and discussed about Jeevesh Terrace and other important things in life.

Later we headed to Cafe Coffee Day and had cold coffee. This was the parting pic of the night.

On Sunday we were invited to ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton by Natasha's cousin Charul who works there. We reached the grand hotel at around quarter past 2. We were damn hungry and this place turned out to be one of the most poshest places I have ever been to. We were invited for lunch at the Pan Asian restaurant. For starters we had Tom Tom and sweet corn soup with some momos. This was accompanied with white sparkling wine for me and orange juice for the lady. Later we had some of the best Chinese food we ever have had in our lives. There was some Tofu preparation which was simply great. In between we were served a shot of Screwdriver. Natasha had it and was "jhooming" for some time. LOL. Later we had excellent desserts.

Charul played the perfect host and turned this to a perfect afternoon.

As a souvenir of this day I kept a pair of chopsticks.

Later in the night we returned to Pune not before arguing on somethings which makes me realise my current situation and the responsibilities associated with it. Well I have decided to do something and take charge of my life from now on. If everything goes well with the blessings of the Almighty, I would turn into a very learned person. I just to plan well and execute it.

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