Thursday, February 05, 2009

100 yen = 54 INR

Well the week was going kinda good. My MSP was running good in loopback mode (although MSP1 has an issue), was enjoying the "baniya" jokes from the "brahmin" from HP, didn't have to use Palladium, etc.

To begin with, Natasha came back from Chandigarh this weekend. I had picked her up from the Delhi Station. For this I had woken up early after seeing Little Miss Sunshine late Friday night. On my way to the station, I decided to refuel and lo behold, I saw the price of petrol was around Rs 44. I was happy. So I just got Rs 500 worth petrol in the car from Greater Noida and filled up the rest on my way back from the railway station. Btw till date I have been receiving extra care and attention from my wife as I hadn't been to office on Saturday and Sunday. Plus I did some household chores and bought a nice Nilkamal plastic table for us. She is happy and I got to eat pav bhaji and bread pakodas. Yummmy!!!

On Monday morning, I had decided to test the MSP. So I was to use only the DE3 board. And what a relief that is. God Palladium is soooo slow!!! Dunno how does Cadence even make money out of such a product! It was announced in office that Carlo Bozotti, CEO ST, would be giving his annual speech on Wednesday via a satellite link. The "scientist" was excited looking at the freq and the satellite being used. It reminded him of his days at "Indian Space Research Organization, Ahemadabad".

For once I was excited that I would be hearing the CEO. I had expected him to be enthusiastic and full of energy like Jensen Huang (CEO, Nvidia) where I used to work earlier. Jensen used to walk around the stage, make a story and use funny phrases to inspire us to give more to the company. But here the story was different. All I got to see were 2 gentlemen seated and answering questions from a sheet of paper. It seemed Carlo's and Alan's answers were rehearsed. None of the answers talked specifically about something. It was so booring!!! All I could do was take a tiny nap. :)

I was hoping to take Natasha for a vacation in Japan. I fervently checked for the air fares. Thai Air was the cheapest on for Rs 66000/- for both of us, RETURN. I was so excited. So I began to check for the currency exchange rate so that we could have some money to spend around in Japan. I saw this on 100 JPY = 54 INR. I was shell shocked! God damn it. The rate is too high. I am cancelling the trip.

I am reserving the brahmin and baniya jokes for another post. Till then I astalavista and I hope tomorrow my MSP works well in external loopback mode too and the Palladium issue is resolved.

Dreaming to have a kid like Simba... Good night!

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