Monday, November 26, 2007

30 and counting ..

0.083 year... 30 days ..720 hours ... 43200 minutes..

This is the amount of time I have been married.. And I can't believe the luxuries that I am enjoying. Someone once said "The grass is always greener on the other side...". I agree. The grass on this side is lot greener than what I was having earlier. :D

Have a look at some pics from Leela Kovalam.

Having your best friend as yor wife gives you some of the most pleasurable moments of life. I am lucky to be one of those. I get good food everyday, my clothes are washed and hung for drying and nicely folded and kept into the cupboard.

Life was never so easy.

I feel like a king. But these 30 days have made a slob. Yes a slob.

Slob of the third order for those of you who are more mathematically inclined.

My attitude towards work has been something of this sort.

This graph shows my slobbiness level.

I realise that this one month I have lazed around more than I can remember. The last time I had lazed around like this was when I was less than 12 months old when there were only 3 states in my life eat/drink, sleep and poop in different permutation and combinations. Sometimes these states occured simultaneously too. Now at least they were different. But the fundamentals remain the same.

Life has come a full circle.

I get all I want. Literally :D. And I am happy. Truly happy.

Anyways I just wanted to record that the past month had been eventful.

  1. Got married.

  2. Pulled off the wedding reception successfully.

  3. Made my near and dear ones feel happy once again.

  4. Found great friends in Joe and Dilnaz (me and Natasha got to take them out to Vie Lounge).

  5. Got to meet Ruhi, the cutest baby till date.

  6. Had a great honeymoon (wink wink)

  7. Having a good time setting up our home. (I decided against calling our place a love nest and a house, the former having a touch of lust and sensuality, and the latter being too impersonal)

  8. Had some good conversations with Hemant, my future PWM (Personal Wealth Manager)

  9. Got a shit load of credit to take care now.

I hope I can get my life on track again. The next two months are going to be crucial
professionally. My life will soon be at a Y junction where I have to decide whether I should take the blue pill or the red pill..

Hope I take the blue pill and discover myself and the real truth!


BAD said...

and i fucking feel horrible for not being there at you wedding........ :(

Himanshu Sheth said...

Hey Vishal,
First of all,congrats for your marriage :) I also wanted to be there but I reached Mumbai only on 31st October,07.

You are right,Right wife is so very important for your life and for your career.

Hope to see more Blog posts from your in future and wishing you a great married life !!!

-Himanshu Sheth

dexkid said...

Hi Himanshu,

Thanks for the wishes..aww was it so close? We could have met up!

dexkid said...

Hi Buggie boy,

Don't worry man. Life gives you umpteen reasons to celebrate and reunite with near and dear ones. WE SHALL MEET AND CELEBRATE!

(Psst thats what the Oracle told me :) )

Hemant Sreeraman said...

Hehe! Good one...And thanks a lot for boosting my ego :)

xeonX said...

he he you drew graphs:) you're not a slob! Slobs don't draw graphs! But I'm happy you had great time mate.. nice!

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