Friday, January 30, 2009

Starting afresh...

Lot has changed since the last time I blogged. I have been married for an year, lost a job, lost money in the stock market (the losses are unaccounted), gave interviews like crazy, fell in love with baby Simba and Ruhi, have been to Hyderabad and moved from Pune to Greater Noida after joining STMicroelectronics.
Well 2008 has indeed been a rocking year and a year of self discovery to an extent. I have learnt to an extent what I my stable characteristics are. "Humans are the most fickle creations of God!" says Papa. I know that now. Well for starters I have decided on some things to be done with in my life.
Especially about my physique. Currently I weigh over 95 kgs and my waist measures 39 inches. I am able to run at full speed for less than 200 m at a stretch.
I have decided to change that. I will be blogging my changes every weekend. I intend to lose at least 10 kgs in the next 3 months and 2 inches from my waist.
Current plans are
1> Aerobics (30 minutes a day)
2> Usage of Isabgol
3> Lemon and honey in warm water everyday (even if it causes heat)
Secondly I intend to save money. Monthly target currently is Rs10,000 and reduction in eating out expenses. I will be regularly using Buxfer.
Thirdly stocks. I have decided to teach Natasha how to invest in stocks and keep a track of the portfolio every other week. My passive behavior towards the markets has led to my position being weakened.
Lastly I intend to work with Suman and keep in touch with all my friends for the same.
I will use tools like Buxfer, Remember the Milk, etc to do such things. Fridays will be days for movies and relaxation. Sunday 1 hour in the morning for car wash and house work.
Let me see how this works out!

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