Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gym at Office

Yesterday I was pondering over how I utilise / waste my 86400 seconds everyday. After an analysis of the same, I found out that I was not able to do any fruitful activity after I went to the office Gym. So I decided to move its time slot in the morning. I told my girl that I will come and pick her up in the morning sharp at 7:15 am and then we shall both start gymming at 7:30 am.

Cock a doodle doo...Waaah waaaah...Cock a doodle doo... Cock a doodle doo...Cock a doodle doooooooooooooooooooooooo....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh..

The alternating crescendos between a hen/cock and the wails of a child in the hutments below woke me up. My Tommy watch told me its already 7:30. (I sometimes wear my watch while I sleep... no need to open my eyes very wide to check on time .. anyways who cares.. its my way of sleeping .with a wrist watch).

I got up and immediately my stomach started the Royal Rumble. Knew it was time to make the 10 m dash to the main door, pick up the newspaper (if present) and dash dash back to the Throne! I picked up my copy and settled myself well on the throne. Read the main page to learn that Bush and Blair's conversation had been picked up by a very powerful microphone. Bush was giving his highly intellectual opnions about the Hezbollahs to Mr. Blair, who as always the British have done for the past 55 years, was licking the arse of him master. Anyways after throne time, it was the time to take a bath. Had a nice hot water bath while I was singing "Burn it up". Man was that heavenly.

Suddenly I realised the time was 7:45 am and I called up my gal who told that she wouldnt be joining me to the Gym but I can come and pick her up. So I took off on my noble Japanese steed (A honda 150 Cc) and raced to pick up my gal and headed straight for office. The early morning breeze was great but I could the grey skies looming ahead. I was just about 4 mins away from my destination when it started to drizzle...30 secs later it poured and another 10 secs later I was wet..as wet as a fish in a pond.

Anyways I reached the Gym. saw my other two buddies "Batboy" and "Rajiv Sharma 1" jogging and cycling away to glory. I changed my clothes and got ready to "Burn it up". Early morning the gym had a enthu crowd and the guy to gal ratio was nearly 1 which is good. I looked around ...No one to inspire me..no one to see my muscles (actually my fat) flexed and all .... I said to myself "In times of depression only is your character tested". So after rotating my neck as if there was no spine and a small warm up routine i had lernt dfuring my school days while i played football, i started off with the Jogger machine. To my immediate left was Batboy, jogging and running as if he had screwed something up and Batman was catching him up to kick ass.

I looked over to his calorie meter. It read 250 cals. Thoguht to myself "Come dickhead, u can do better than that" And so started another gruelling test of my mind v/s my body. In my mind I was running like Mr Powell or Mr Lewis.. but when I kept seeing myself in the mirror, it just a blob going up and down and up and down. After 5 mins I started to make it tougher for myself. Increased the incline. Had a look at Batboy's calorie meter again showed 300 calories burnt. "What the fcuk!!!!" was being repeated in my mind for the next 60 odd secs. Then I started to jog really hard. I tried to motivate my self by thinking about the following things

1> Imagine there is J Lo or Angelina Jo jsut ahead and she is calling you to come near her..
2> I am a wild alsation dog in the wild.
3> The police is on my back after I along with my friends have stolen a crate of Pepsi from a pepsi truck.
4> Thinking about my life in Japan and how slim i had become.

"Hufff ... Huff " ...My breaths were short and the first drop of sweat trickeld down my forehead. Suddenly there was surge in my adrenaline and I started to jog harder. "Butter chicken Butter chicken..paneer tikka paneer tikka.." that ad was being played in my head suddenly. I found a new surge of energy through my body.....nahhh just kidding.. I was huffing and puffing like the wolf who tried to huff and puff and blow his way into the 3 piggies house..

After this I started to row... man rowing is difficult. To my right i had some really pretty females...They were ski jogging...or watever that machine makes u do. Well After rowing for around 1000 virtual meters, my shoulder muscles gave in and dropped out of the machine. Still there were 15 mins more. so I thought of pulling down some weights to give shape to my upper body. I did all tht and left for the shower room. On the way I saw "Iqbal" doing yoga. The pose that he into made me think as if he was having fits. Hahahah.. had a nice laugh looking at his discomfiture. Sorry "Iqbal"..... ;)

Anyways on my way out .. I saw some really PYTs doing yoga...

Tomm I will do YOGA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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