Thursday, July 13, 2006

Life at 23

Some people say life begins at 40 and some say life ends at 40. For me both the sets are filled with idiots.

The set of people who say "Life begins at 40" are nothing but a group of losers who were left behind, people who could not make complete use of their youth and beauty. They are those people who did their studies, joined a firm / started their business, worked hard day in and day out to save for the rainy day. But those days never came and this set of people didn't enjoy. So you see this set of people trying to enjoy life by suddenly inviting people for parties, socialising, trying to gel in with the next generation. Some of them are successful in doing this. I don't deny this fact. But the rest of the people lead a very awkward way of life not knowing how they will they find worldly happiness.

Lets look at the other set of people. This group of persons have had a wild time during their youth. They have gone to the theatres religiously every Friday, know the directions to each and every pub / disc in the city, have travelled abroad for just shopping, etc. These people have done everything that they can do in their prime time . But currently they are an exhausted lot. They are not excited at the prospect of meeting some more new people. They keep on trying to act as if they are young causing much shame among their kids. Instead of looking at the brighter things of life like spending more time with their kids and all, they still want to lead a action filled life.

For me though, life began at 23. This was a year of learning, a time of happiness, a time to serenity, a time for a few hiccups and a time to re think about my life. For me, of all my birthdays, this birthday will remain the most special one as it was on this day I was alone and I realised that life is long but short. Long because you have another 40 years to breathe and make your heart beat. Short because I don't think I have the patience to lead such a long life. It seems that I have stopped dreaming like a kid about my aspirations and I am averse of all the risks that are involved. If I were like this when I was 1, maybe I would not have taken that one step on my two legs. But since I have taken those steps and have come this far, there is also a possiblity that no harm may come to me by walking the path of life. All I fear is that my zest to lead this life should not go away from my conscious self.

(*Raising a toast)So here is to a great life and to the forthcoming good times. Cheers (*tips and drinks and gets sloshed :) )

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